Hardware Design Service

With our hardware know-how, we offer every customer a complete solution based on QCA reference designs and our own product line. Our operating system is based on Linux/OpenWrt and optionally QCA's proprietary QSDK. 

Support with SW design/integration - Mesh Networking Solutions

We realize (almost) everything around Linux/OpenWrt and Qualcomm's proprietary QSDK.
embedded wireless offers 10 years of experience in development with OpenWrt and our products have been the official target platform for a long time.

Go to Mesh Networking Solutions Factsheet. 


We perform RF prequalification measurements in our lab and support worldwide regulatory certification measurements with our partner network. We provide lab tools to create specific operating modes (continuous TX/RX mode, setting of all channel, data rate and modulation modes.

ProdIt manufacturing toolkit

embedded wireless supports the manufacturing of wireless communication products with our comprehensive manufacturing and calibration tool ProdIt. Our solution is based on the Qualcomm standards ART/ART2/QDART.

It significantly simplifies the production of Wifi products and makes our customers independent of EMS service providers. Customers
can set up, control and relocate their production site very quickly and easily.


NEW: Product assessment and quality assurance

We carry out quality measurements for product evaluation and comparison. A detailed report enables a specific evaluation to select the right design, the optimal EMS service provider or the best OEM/ODM product from your potential suppliers. This can also be used to monitor ongoing production in terms of quality assurance. 


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